• HR’s core journey is to build an organization that generates excellent and sustainable results.
  • To successfully pursue that journey, HR must strategize and deliver beyond the people management agenda, including non-conventional topics such as corporate identity, internal alignment and corporate governance.
  • To succeed in this endeavor, HR executives must display a strong leadership presence, which requires a solid knowledge about the organization itself and about the external world that impacts business management.
  • Besides, HR executives must be role models in classic leadership attributes such as integrity and courage – failure to demonstrate these two attributes renders all others irrelevant.
  • The combination of leadership components with the realization that companies exist primarily for societal benefit defines the essence of a corporate statesman.
    (Thoughts above are expanded and discussed in the educational program I developed, “Organizational Statesmen – The new standard of excellence for HR” – please see specific link above.)


Subjects where my knowledge can make a difference in your company are:

  • Corporate identity
  • Leadership
  • Culture
  • HR strategies and effectiveness
  • Development
  • Engagement
  • Change
  • Integration in mergers and acquisitions