Visionary leaders can articulate qualitatively the impact of HR initiatives…they do not bother asking HR to submit ROI data for such initiatives

As a rule, CEOs do not quite understand how far HR can contribute to organzational success – It’s up to HR itself to educate them.


HR supports, provides services, acts as a consultant…all these roles are very important and must be executed flawlessly…but, above all, HR must lead and if leading with excellence, HR reaches the next level…transforming the organization and transforming society as well.

Believe me, optimizing the performance of HR is a societal imperative even though society itself has not yet expressed this demand.


The impact of external events on the management of organizations is getting greater every day…if HR is responsible for overall management effectiveness…and it should be…HR must take over the responsibility for analyzing and interpreting such events and clarifying their impact on company strategies and actions

To exercise this new role with excellence, HR must expand its knowledge base to include a solid understanding of environmental scanning.


RH deals with people matters but its agenda covers organizational issues that can affect the key stakeholders…in the past, getting along well with people would open the HR door to candidates…nowadays, to be successful in HR you need to like and understand about people, businesses, customers, shareholders, partners, communities, the society.


HR is the organizational function with the strongest impact on company results…being in HR, it’s so great to hear that…but it is the most difficult job in the organization in that it deals with human nature and requires a challenging set of competencies and knowledge combined with courage and integrity…adapting the title from the acclaimed movie, it’s no country for weak people…to execute it as needed, it is a high risk occupation.


Conceptually, HR is an implicit source of competitive advantage…HR professionals must make this condition explicit to stakeholders…LEADERSHIP AND CULTURE, fundamental ´rocesses where HR has a leading role, are gradually becoming factors of company valuation for mergers and acquisitions.


For HR professionals, exercising political leadership in the organization is a must for success…however, the best political leadership will fail if not supported by a solid technical knowledge.


Quoting Ulrich et alia, “HR from the outside in”…Being a credible activist is a key role for HR professionals…and they must develop a superb qualification to succeed as activists, being constant learners and inspiring their colleagues to do the same. Activism without qualification can lead to a disaster.